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Maximizing march size

Increasing your military capabilities will help you to win battles in Clash of Kings. Your troops’ march size is one of the considerable things when take into account your military capabilities. There are several ways you can increase your march size. Increasing your hero attribute, researching technologies at college will help you to increase the […]

General Expansion Carnival

This is an event is similar to Equipment Evolution Carnival. You can collect rewards after completing a specific quest. This event is related to expansion of buildings inside your castle. The event has two categories of quests. One is Expansion Times and the other one is Resources consumption. There are 26 quests under Expansion Times […]

Sage’s Tower

Sage’s Tower is the building where you can enhance your abilities using occult analysis. There are 16 ancient books with occult in the building. To unlock this building you need to wait until your castle reaches level 23. Currently, you can upgrade this building up to level 15. To unlock new occult you need to […]

Lord Trial Event

This event is one of the best event which gives lots of rewards in Clash of Kings. You can access the event interface by tapping the last icon from top on the left side of the interface of inside the castle. You can get rich rewards by completing the quest the event provide during the […]

Infantry’s Attributes

Infantry is a type of melee units in clash of kings. Infantry units can be divided into two categories. The categories are defensive infantry and offensive infantry. Offensive infantry’s attack power is higher than their defense power. Defensive infantry’s attack power is lower than their defense power. You can check the methods to increase infantry’s […]

Prayer Hall

A great place to enhance your troops’ combat capabilities. Each unit of your troops has a certain number of talents. You can enhance your talent in the Prayer Hall. However, you need to upgrade your castle to prestige 5 to use this function. After you upgrade your castle to prestige 6 you can see these […]

Queen’s set

Queen’s set is available under “Reform” category. Attribute preference of this equipment set is for battles. this equipment will highly increase your Infantry and Cavalry attack. This set has high bonus attribute for Infantry and Cavalry. This equipment set’s attribute only take effect for the Queen of War (a hero in heroes’s palace in the […]

Archangel Set

This is one of the best equipment set under “Reform” category. This set has the excellent quality. If you want to increase your troops combat capabilities, better way is to forge high level equipment. Both the lord and heroes can wear equipment. Wearing equipment will highly increase your combat capabilities. Equipment sets will boost your […]

Troop Attack

Troop attack is one of the military capabilities in Clash of kings. If you have more troop attack capabilities, It will be easier to get victories in battles. You can see your combat capabilities as in above picture. Go to load details and press “!” mark. The details are under “Military Capabilities” tab. This details […]

The Bank

Gold is a kind of useful resource in the game. The more you have gold, more you have fun in Clash of kings. Bank is a better place to increase your gold. However you need to upgrade your castle to level 20 to unlock the bank building. Not only you can deposit gold but also […]


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