Drill Ground info

Increasing your military capabilities will help you to win battles in Clash of Kings. Your troops’ march size is one of the considerable things when take into account your military capabilities. There are several ways you can increase your march size. Increasing your hero attribute, researching technologies at college will help you to increase the march size. Let’s go into details.

Method 1: Upgrading Drill Ground

There are 36 levels of the Drill Ground. Last 6 levels are prestige levels. It will consume prestige badges when upgrading prestige levels of the drill ground. After upgrading the drill ground to level 30, your march size will be 101,600 without any march boosts. After upgrading your prestige levels of the drill ground, You can increase your march size up to 132,500. The above image shows the details.

You can check your total march size under “Military capabilities” section of “Detailed data” tab of the Lord Info screen.

Method 2: Researching technologies at College

There are several technologies under “Military” research tree, “Advanced Military” research tree and “The Strongest Kingdom Enhancement” research tree. In Military tree Leadership I, II, III ,IV and V help you to increase your military capabilities. In Advanced Military tree Commander, Commander II, and Commander III technologies are available to increase the maximum march size. Under The Strongest Kingdom Enhancement tree Grand Army will increase your march size in your own kingdom and Secret Transfer will increase your march size in opponent kingdom. Refer bellow table for details.

Technology nameMax march size
Leadership I6000
Leadership II10000
Leadership III14000
Leadership IV14000
Leadership V14000
Commander II5000
Commander II5000
Grand Army32000
Secret Transfer32000
Maximum march size details

Other methods

Another method is using the March Boosts. You can use a march boost while attacking other castles. The available march boosts are 25%, 50%, 70% etc. However, these boosts are not permanently effective. Once the boost expires, you will have to use another one.

There are other methods you can increase your march size. Increasing attributes of heroes like War Queen, will increase your march size.

Above mentioned methods are the primary methods to increase your march size. There might be few other ways. I hope this information will help you to increase your march size.