Event interface

This is an event is similar to Equipment Evolution Carnival. You can collect rewards after completing a specific quest. This event is related to expansion of buildings inside your castle. The event has two categories of quests. One is Expansion Times and the other one is Resources consumption. There are 26 quests under Expansion Times category and 14 quests under Resources consumption category. Additionally, you can unlock 7 chests while completing the quests. Let’s move on to the details.

How to unlock chests

When you complete a quest you will get one point for the quest. If you have completed 10 quests, that means you have received 10 points. Each quest is worth one point. You need to collect a certain number of points to unlock a chest. For instance, if you have collected 10 points you can unlock first three chests because the firs chest can be unlocked at 3 points, and second chest will unlock at 5 points and third will unlock at 10 points.

How to participate

To expand your buildings, you need to have enough Black Gold Stones and White Gold Stones. You can collect them in the Mysterious See. By completing quests you will receive lots of Gold Stones. You can get rewards by expanding various types of buildings. For example, If you expand Barracks one time you will receive 14000 Black Gold Stones, 30 packs of 1.5 Million food and 70% attack boost of 1 hour. Please check the quests list and collect the rewards by completing quests.

If you couldn’t collect the rewards, the rewards will be mailed to you by the event ends. Please don’t forget to collect them timely because when the event renews, the previous rewards will not be resent.

Rewards of the event

There are many types of items can be collected during this event by completing the quests. The rewards include Wood, Food, Iron, Mithril, Civilization Crystal, Book of Popularity etc. If you complete all of the quests you will receive the following resources rewards.

Wood522 Million
Food555 Million
Iron105.5 Million
Mithril29.25 Million
Resources reward details