Sage’s Tower building

Sage’s Tower is the building where you can enhance your abilities using occult analysis. There are 16 ancient books with occult in the building. To unlock this building you need to wait until your castle reaches level 23. Currently, you can upgrade this building up to level 15. To unlock new occult you need to upgrade the building. All books have several chapters. Chapters can be unlocked by analyzing occult. Each occult has 10 levels to complete.

Analyzing occult is just like completing researches in college building. You need to use resources and research stones to complete analyzing occult. The higher the level of occult will consume a lot of resources. Below are some details of books.

Ancient Books of Sage’s Tower

Book of Honor is the first ancient book you can find under the list of Sage’s Tower. You can reduce upgrading cost of prestige buildings by analyzing occult in this book.

Book of Discipline is another type of book. There are several benefits you can achieve by analyzing occult of this book. These are reducing resource consumption to heal level 12 troops, increasing recovery speed of week soldiers, increase training amount of prestige 6 troops and supreme legion troops etc.

Book of Eternal Life will increase the Health Power, And troop damage taken reduction.

Book of Battle is helpful to increase your troops combat capabilities. In military details section, you can find how you can enhance your combat capabilities by analyzing occult in Sage’s Tower. As an example it says, the infantry attack can be increased by 20% by analyzing occult in Sage’s Tower.

Book of Construction another special type of ancient book. The specialty of this book is reducing resource consumption of researching technologies at the College and analyzing occult at Sage’s Tower. It is a good idea if you can complete the occult analysis of this book. Because it will help you to complete your technologies with less resources.

There is one ancient book for each type of Supreme Legion troop. These books will enhance their combat capabilities. Other benefits of occult analysis is increasing gathering speed of resources, increasing the production of resources. increasing troops’ attribute while playing some events like Mineral Vein and Mysterious see, increasing training amount of soldiers etc.

These occult analysis will take a long time to complete. If you can collect more speed ups by participating events, it will help to complete these occult more faster.