Event interface

This event is one of the best event which gives lots of rewards in Clash of Kings. You can access the event interface by tapping the last icon from top on the left side of the interface of inside the castle. You can get rich rewards by completing the quest the event provide during the event.

Event entrance

There are two categories of quest and three categories of rewards in this event interface. The reward categories are Normal, Elite and King. Elite and King categories are locked. To unlock them, you need to purchase the silver token and golden token. By purchasing silver tokens, the Elite rewards an be unlocked and “King” rewards can be unlocked by purchasing gold tokens. The two types of quests are Daily Quest and Event Quest.

Daily Quest

There are 19 quests under Daily Quest category. This type of quests will be refreshed every day. Each quest has a certain number of points. When you complete the quest the points will be calculated. Every 1000 points, you can receive rewards.

Event Quest

There are 12 event quest. These quests won’t be refreshed like Daily Quests. These event quest contains more points than daily quest. To complete some quest you need to take part in other events. For example, you can get 500 points by reaching Bronze V in the Royal Arena event.

Rewards of the event

You can receive rare items, speed ups, resources and many other items as rewards during this event. Here is some information about resource rewards. Under Normal reward category, you can receive 175 million wood, 175 million food, 29 million iron, and 7 million mithril. Under Elite category, there are 380 million wood, 380 million food, 63 million iron and 15.6 million mithrill. Finally, There are 570 million wood, 570 million food, 95 million iron, 23 million mithril and 75, 000 gold under “King” category.

If you focus on this event you can receive a lot of resources and other rewards as well.