Infantry details under Lord Info

Infantry is a type of melee units in clash of kings. Infantry units can be divided into two categories. The categories are defensive infantry and offensive infantry. Offensive infantry’s attack power is higher than their defense power. Defensive infantry’s attack power is lower than their defense power.

You can check the methods to increase infantry’s attribute under load details. The above image shows the progress of the increment details of the main attributes of infantry. That means Attack, Defense, and HP (Health Power). Military capabilities section will guide you how you can increase your military capabilities.

Infantry attack progress

Infantry Attack

Above image shows how you can increase your infantry units’ attack capabilities. When you attack other lords in Clash of Kings, it will be easier to damage if you have more attack power. There are many ways to increase your infantry attack, according to the above details. However Hero attributes, Lord Equipment, Technologies in college, Ancestral Spirit and Magic skills will highly affect on attack power.

To increase hero attributes, you can forge and equip your hero with high quality equipment, add hero stars and purify hero attributes. However, if you want to increase your combat attributes, you need to chose a hero under combat category. You need a lot of hero recruitment cards to purify attributes and add hero stars. Check and take part in various events including hero trial to get hero recruitment cards.

To forge equipment you need materials, steel and special items (only for equipment sets) and some other equipment (for example to forge Archangel Scepter, you need Asylum’s Hammer). If you want to forge higher quality equipment, you need higher quality materials. It will take some time to those materials because those materials are rare. When forging equipment, choose equipment which can be used to increase military capabilities.

When researching technologies in college and Ancestral Spirit, Focus on technologies which increase your troops’ combat capabilities. Give the priority for those technologies.

You can check Magic skills in Magic House. To access it tap the college in your castle. You need appropriate shards to use in Magi House to increase the attribute of combat. You can check the details on Magic House.

In my point of view, it will be easier to complete research in college and Ancestral Spirit than forging equipment, upgrading magic skills and upgrading heroes, because the resources required to complete technology researches can be found more easily by taking part i various events.

Infantry Defense

Infantry defense will help your infantry to face to the other lords attacks. If your infantry units have more defense power, they can face to other lords attacks easily. The methods to increase infantry defense are same as methods to increase infantry attack. You can find the details under lord details section.

Infantry Health

Infantry health will help them to survive in battles. When your infantry units have more health, there is a higher chance to survive in battle. Defensive infantry units have more health power than offensive infantry units. You can find the details of how to increase health power under lord info section.