Archangel set

This is one of the best equipment set under “Reform” category. This set has the excellent quality. If you want to increase your troops combat capabilities, better way is to forge high level equipment. Both the lord and heroes can wear equipment. Wearing equipment will highly increase your combat capabilities.

Equipment sets will boost your combat capabilities than other equipment. Archangel set is best for increasing the combat capabilities of all types of troops.

By wearing a equipment set you can get three bonus attributes according to the equipment count you are wearing. For example if your are wearing two equipment with the same quality under this Archangel category, you will get offensive damage taken (Reduction) +6.50%. If you wear 4, All soldier units attack +10% or if you wear all equipment of the set, All soldier units attack +15%.

Details of attributes

Soldier unitAttackDefense
Siege Engine70.6%27.36%
Attribute details

You need to have all the equipment of gold quality to obtain the above mentioned attributes. These details also includes the bonus attributes. you can increase more by evolving equipment and obtaining random attributes.

As you can see wearing this equipment set will highly increase your Archers’ attack. Infantry and Cavalry can enhance their defense power more than other units.

Forging Archangel Set

Each item of this set requires another equipment, angel wings, forging materials and blueprints. If you can use all of the highest quality materials and items, you have the chance to use an Obsidian to enhance more, it’s attributes. Steel consumption will defer according to your Blacksmith level and the technology researches you have completed.

If you want to forge the highest quality (Gold quality) equipment, you need the below items, Asylum’s set equipment and blueprints.

ArchangelAngel wingsBlueprintsAsylum’s
Leg Guard100100Gaiter
Shin Guard100100Boots
Required items and materials

Additionally you need below materials for all the equipment of a single Archangel set.

Cobalt Ore4
Required material details

To collect these materials and items attack monsters, and take part in various events. I hope this details will help you.