Troop attack is one of the military capabilities in Clash of kings. If you have more troop attack capabilities, It will be easier to get victories in battles. You can see your combat capabilities as in above picture. Go to load details and press “!” mark. The details are under “Military Capabilities” tab.

This details describe how you can increase your capabilities. (see above image) These information may differ according to your lord level and castle level and some other details. As you can see in the above image, this lord can maximize infantry attack level until 1814.9%. (by using attack boosts you can increase more.)

Except SVIP privilege attribute other attributes are permanent. SVIP attribute can’t be activated permanently. You need to reactivate time to time. When the SVIP privilege is deactivated, it won’t affect to the combat capabilities. However other attribute are permanent.

To take effect the hero attributes, you need to send hero with your troops for battles. You can appoint a hero as the Guardian Knight for garrisoning duty in the castle. If someone attack your castle the Guardian Knight’s attribute will take effect for the battle.

The strategy

Hero attributes, Lord equipment and Ancestral Spirit will highly affect on your combat capabilities. As you can see in the above image more than half of infantry attack will depend on above mentioned attributes. But it will take a long time to increase these three attributes and for the researches in Ancestral Spirit will consume a lot of resources as well.

First focus on the attributes that can be increased easy as possible. That means the attributes which can be increased using less resources and items and take less time than others.

However if you have enough resources and speed ups you can do more researches in Ancestral Spirit. These researches will consume lot of speed ups as well. To find resources and speed ups and items keep active and participate for the events in COK. You can get resources and items by attacking monsters.