The building bank

Gold is a kind of useful resource in the game. The more you have gold, more you have fun in Clash of kings. Bank is a better place to increase your gold. However you need to upgrade your castle to level 20 to unlock the bank building. Not only you can deposit gold but also you can deposit evolution stones in the bank. Let’s discuss in details.

How to deposit gold

As you can see in the above image, After selecting Bank building, you can see the “Details”, “Investment” and “Selected Finance” options. To deposit Gold just select “Investment” option. You will move to the product list interface, as you can see in the right side image above.

Normally, you have access 4 out of 6 financial plans. each of them has a particular interest rate, deposit limit and a deposit cycle. Additionally, you can unlock the special 1-Day Financing plan and 30-Day Financing plan (which matures 50% interest and maximum deposit limit of 20000 gold.) after you make the first payment for any kind of packs. You can choose the lowest price pack.

You can cancel your investment anytime after you deposit your gold under any plan. However, to mature your interest, you need to wait until the deposit cycle complete. you can choose 2 different plans at a time to deposit. After interest matures, you can withdraw both your principle and interest.

How to deposit evolution stones

To deposit evolution stones, you need to select the “Selected Finance option” of the bank building. Evolution stones are used to enhance your equipment attribute. You have 2 financial plans to choose from. The special thing about investing evolution stone is you can’t cancel the ongoing investment. you have to wait until it matures. another thing is it has a purchase deadline.

More about the building

Most of the building inside your castle has a specific level. This bank building is in level 1. But it is still not allowed to upgrade the building. That means we can expect future upgrades of the bank building. We may have better investment cycles if it is possible to upgrade the building.

Bank building is unmovable. That means you can’t move like you moving other buildings like College, Market, Embassy etc. Another important thing you may need to concern is because of some law enforcement of some regions, you cannot use the bank.

Strategy to use deposit cycles

If you have bought packs, you can access the all kind of deposit cycles. When you are going to choose a investment plan, you should consider the following things,

  1. The total gold amount you have at the moment.
  2. The total gold income after the interest matures (not the interest rate)
  3. The date that you can withdraw your gold after the interest matures.

Some times although the interest rate of a particular investment plan is greater than another plan, when concerning other facts like deposit limit and withdrawal date, the plan which has lower interest than the other might mature more gold. So you need to calculate the total gold amount you can withdraw after the interest matures.