Event quests


This is one of the latest events in clash of kings. During the event, you need to complete the given quest list to receive the corresponding rewards. There are three types of categories. The categories are “Evolution Times”, “Evolution Level” and “Interaction of Evolution”. You get points when you complete a certain amount of quest and according to the point amount you collected, you can unlock the extra chest rewards.

There are 7 chest rewards in total. You can see the preview of rewards of each chest by clicking on the chest. As you can see in the above image, I have collected 6 points and unlocked the first chest reward. The more you collect points, the more you unlock chest rewards.

This event has an limited time duration like all other events in Clash of kings. There are different number of quest under each category. There are 18 quest under “Evolution Times” category. But “Evolution Level” category has total of 25 quest and “Interaction of Evolution” has 29 quests.

When the event ends, the quest completion progress under “Evolution Level” and “Interaction of Evolution” will be saved. When the event starts next time the progress status of “Evolution Times” will be reset. The chest rewards status will also be saved. If you forgot to collect the reward timely, the rewards will be sent to you by mail.

How to participate

Event entrance

You can enter to the event by pressing the hammer icon on the Blacksmith building (see above image) or by pressing on Blacksmith building or using event center inside your castle.

You can see the quest list if you have followed one of the method above. Press any GO button. After pressing GO button you can move to “Storage Box”. For an instance, let’s complete a quest under “Evolution Times”.

  1. Press the “Equipment” tab
  2. Choose one of the white equipment from your collection. (I hope you have many). This equipment should be one of the equipment set.
  3. After selecting an equipment you can see the “Equipment Details” screen. press the Enhance button.
  4. Now you can confirm to consume the required “Equipment Evolution Stone” to evolve the equipment.

When you level up the enhancement levels, your success rate of enhancement will be decreased. However even if your enhancement fails, it counts for the quest. But remember every time you level up, it consumes equipment evolution stones.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment below. Hope this guide will help you to complete quests.